"Taking care of your other affairs, so-called lifestyle management, is also part of boven’s services."

Our services

The financial services offered by boven are as a diverse as our clientele. After all, each human being is unique and so are his or her financial principles and objectives. At boven, our prime focus is always to optimize asset and income positions. How? By acting as a financial director and translating our customers’ wishes into well thought out plans, which we then help to realize. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of financial management, ranging from administrative support, cash and currency management to international asset and income structuring.

As experienced financial planners we not only look at today’s situation, but also – and preferably – at the opportunities that tomorrow will offer. To do this, we consider everything that may affect our customers’ equity. And we obviously involve all of our clients’ other advisors. At boven, we stay on top of everything and support our clients in close collaboration with their advisors to achieve the best possible return. All of this in accordance with their personal wishes and ideals.

Taking care of your other affairs, so-called lifestyle management, is also part of boven’s services. Providing assistance in searching, buying, selling and building real estate at home or abroad, for instance. Researching, booking and arranging trips, including hotel reservations. Offering support in your personal life, such as organizing festivities. You name it.


boven’s clientele can be found primarily within the top echelon of the international sports world, the entertainment industry and the business sector. Moreover, our consultancy and support services provide great added value to well-to-do individuals in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as higher-income clients. This is not to say that we apply certain financial restrictions. After all, today’s talents may be tomorrow’s leaders. In principle, boven is available to anyone who is seriously interested in capital growth and financial planning in the broadest sense of the word.