Great personal involvement in financial and lifestyle management for the business world, professional sports and the entertainment industry.

Mr. Drs. Ester Böinck FFP

Creative sparring partner and persistent Jack of all trades. Completed studies in International Management and Fiscal Law in Maastricht and Rennes (Fr.). Then quickly made a career for herself as an international private banker. Is now guarding her clients’ horizons with a sharp helicopter view, directing their capital growth based on her insightful observations. Specialization: complex and international fiscal-legal problems. Her broad experience earns her the unconditional trust of her clients and their (other) advisors.

Gerke van de Ven RPLP

Is a client-oriented thinker and energetic go-getter. Entered the world of sports management via hotel management and thus learned the right balance between relaxation and achievement. Continued her career in the banking sector and is now our dedicated lifestyle manager. Takes care of financial and personal lifestyle matters for all of our clients with vigorousness and panache. And adds a strong social component in her very own way. Has the ability to (make people) enjoy every day.